Congratulations Crystal Mitchell on passing her part 3 qualifying exam this week ! She now becomes a DVSA fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor.


Crystal went through the learning process following Tri-Coaching Partnerships groundbreaking TCIT course framework, her training was provided by our ADI Training Manager Lee Jowett 

"It was a pleasure helping Crystal to develop throughout her training, her dedication to preparation ensured she came to sessions ready to learn, which in turn helped her to develop key coaching skills:- eliciting feedback, developing rapport and active listening, while she worked hard between sessions on developing her knowledge and understanding of the different types of questioning techniques she will use to help her clients learn to make decisions for themselves. She has the tools she will need to provide her pupils with a client centred approach to their learning process, and help them develop into safer drivers with essential reflection skills. 

I look forwards to working with her more in the future as she is committed to Continued Professional Development.....starting with our 'Techniques to Relieve Anxiety' Workshop in October!!


Crystal now joins our team of instructors as a fully qualified ADI.

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