i-Can Driving Solutions are currently looking for the right people to join our team, become an instructor and change the lives of hundreds of people looking to get on the roads.

If you’re looking to change your career and change your life, ‘i-Can’ help YOU….


  • Do you have a desire to teach somebody new skills?
  • Are you patient and understanding?
  • Would you like to find out more about yourself and develop your own capabilities?
  • Can you see yourself inspiring others to achieve their goals?
  • Are you looking to find the best course of training to develop your skills beyond basic instruction?


If So then a career as an ‘i-Can’ driving instructor could be the solution for you. Becoming an ‘i-Can’ instructor will…..


  • Develop in you the Skills to help you Stand out from the crowd.
  • Enable you to plan your diary around your commitments
  • Allow you to share in the life changing experiences our clients go through on a daily basis
  • Ensure every day is different! No more seeing the same four walls, performing the same old routine week in week out
  • Give you genuine job satisfaction and pleasure
  • Provide you with skills based training rather than test focussed, to ensure your success as a driving instructor beyond the qualifying process



Would you like to change your life?

Would you like to train around your current commitments?

We will structure your training to suit your needs,on a one to one basis and provide continued support throughout your learning and into your new career. You can structure the costs of your training over the duration of the course and we will offer you a place amongst ‘i-Can’s team of instructors once you’ve qualified!


Our training courses have been developed by the Tri Coaching Partnership and are skills focused, rather than test focused, giving you the opportunity to develop into the driving instructor you want to be.


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If this sounds like the solution to your new career, get in touch.

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