• Without spending more money than you need to
  • Quickly and easily
  • Becoming a safe, knowledgeable and confident driver along the way


Using modern more effective ‘Coaching’ techniques, we will work together with you to help you achieve all this and more. These techniques referred to as ‘client centred’ put YOU in the centre of your learning process. These techniques are proven to accelerate your learning, by focussing on learning through safe experience. Involving you in all aspects of learning, you will set goals and learn important self-evaluation skills that will form the basis of you becoming the safe, knowledgeable and confident driver you always wanted to be.


Our course of lessons are designed to educate our clients throughout all levels of the DVSA's Goals for Driver Education (GDE) Matrix. Setting us apart from traditional driving instructional schools. 


All of this structured to your needs, saving you time and money, enabling you to pass The Driving Test and get on the road quickly and easily.


Our instructors are based around North Manchester and Chadderton, so if you live around Oldham, Rochdale or Heywood get in touch.


Your standard hourly tuition starts from as little as £25 per hour.


Now that you’ve taken the first steps along your road to success….

’i-Can’ help you navigate the rest!.......For information on prices and to learn more about our Personalised Solutions Packages....Click Here



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